Seaside Summers Reviews Organi Philippines’ Manuka Honey Peel

Of late, I have been seeing a few bloggers in the Philippines rave about Organi beauty products in their online reviews.  Origani is an Australian-born skincare company that specializes in natural and organic skin-friendly and eco-friendly ingredients, and their skincare products are available, right here in the Philippines!

And you know me – If I see one beauty product becoming the sudden talk of the town, I just have to jump on the bandwagon just to see what the hype is all about. And this is why you’re reading this review on Organi Philippines’ manuka honey peel (mainly because of what I’ve read here: and

Its full name is God’s Nectar Manuka Honey Peel, but let’s call it the honey peel, for short. I decided to buy this skincare product online as I only had the budget for this one particular item, and I couldn’t risk getting sucked into buying other things at the physical stores.

Organi Philippines - Manuka Honey Peel

Anyway, the packaging on the honey peel is really pretty. On the box, you’ll find a list of ingredients, the most prominent of which is, as you might have already guessed, manuka honey. For those not in the know, manuka honey is a powerful type of honey native to New Zealand that delivers even more potent benefits than regular honey. It is said to be so effective that mainstream doctors are even using it to speed up the healing of wounds in patients.

There are also a handful of ingredients that caught my eye, including rosehip oil, jojoba seed oil, and babassu oil. All of these have been known for their anti-aging and moisturizing effects, so I’m pretty stoked to see them in this tiny little jar, as well.

The instructions say to apply the peel to your clean face using your fingers, leave it on for 10 to 15 seconds, and massage in circular motions. The jar comes with its own plastic spatula, so you can use it to collect the product and deposit it on your fingers.

The honey peel actually has a gel-like consistency, but it is cool and refreshing to the skin once you spread it out evenly. It doesn’t smell anything to me, except maybe for a faint hint of sugar probably due to the manuka honey.

After leaving it on my face for 15 seconds, I use my fingers to massage the skin all over my face. And lo and behold! After a few seconds of massaging, I can actually feel clumps of dead skin cells forming into little white balls! Gross, if you ask me, but that just goes to show my exfoliating scrubs haven’t been very effective at sloughing away the dead skin.  

Afterwards, I rinse with water and pat dry. No need for you to use a cleanser, but you do have to put moisturizer on your face after exfoliation. So, did the Organi honey peel work for me?

Often, you can’t really tell if a product is effective on the first use, but this one delivered very noticeable instant results. The first thing I noticed was just how bright my skin had become. I felt like I had just had a very expensive facial at the spa.

Also, I could tell that my pores had gotten smaller and that my skin felt a lot softer and plumper than before. I think this is best used by ladies who have oily or combination skin. If you have sensitive skin, I daresay the natural ingredients of this product won’t hurt your skin, but I still recommend that you do a test patch first.

Unfortunately for dry-skinned ladies, I would say too much peeling could make your skin drier. Look for hydrating and moisturizing products instead, such as aloe vera. Manuka honey itself is a pretty good humectant, but it’s probably best to use it in lotion form than as an exfoliating product, if you have dry skin.

Because it has very powerful exfoliation properties, it is best to use this honey peel only once a week, which is good, really, if you’re trying to save on this skincare product and don’t want to use up all this of it right away. I wager you’ll have an entire year before this honey peel runs out, which means an entire year of soft, plump skin for me!



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